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Silicon carbide ball

Silicon carbide has always been one of the most popular ferroalloy products in the metallurgical industry, but we may not know that there is a kind of ferroalloy products are also very popular that issilicon carbide ball, silicon carbide.

What is silicon carbide ball?
Silicon carbide ball is a new type of strong compound deoxygenator, replacing the traditional silicon toner for deoxygenation, is the carbonized silicon powder by mixing with other elements by the pressure ball mechanism.

What are the advantages of silicon carbide balls? 
Silicon carbide ball is more professional than ordinary deoxygenator, the advantages of silicon carbide ball are reflected in all walks of life, silicon carbide ball is mainly used in electrical furnaces and blast furnaces, as deoxygenators, used in casting and steelmaking industry. Increase the temperature in the furnace, shorten the melting time, improve the steel production, play the role of carbon, deoxygenation, silicon, heating, etc. , can also be used as a substitute for silicon iron. And in the furnace will not produce dust pollution, rapid reaction speed, reduce costs, is a new way in the process of steelmaking.
Silicon carbide is a new material to improve the comprehensive economic benefits, which brings new opportunities for steelmaking, casting and other industries to increase competitive strength.

Advantages of silicon carbide balls in steelmaking 
The use of silicon carbide balls in steelmaking can reduce useful metal oxides to be absorbed in steel, reducing the loss of steel water and increasing yield. The reaction heat generated when silicon carbide is oxidized reduces the amount of electricity used and reduces operating time. Therefore, silicon carbide ball in the steel-making deoxygenator can save costs and reduce losses.