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Milled FerroSilicon 15%


DMS FerroSilicon 15%, also know as FeSi 15%, is suitable as Heavy Media for the Dense Medium Separation in Mining Separation process. Dense mediium separation is a well-established density separation process, ideally suited for the separation of minerals, ores and metals. Our DMS FerroSilicon 15% for DMS process is of low Si about 15% and Fe > 75%. We have both Milled FerroSilicon 15% and Atomised FerroSilicon 15%. Our FerroSilicon 15% is widely exported to Southern Africa, Russia, UK, Middle East, Australia and many other countries all over the world, based on the product’s high quality and much lower price than others.


As Heavy Media in the Dense Medium Separation process of Mining and Metal Recovery.

Chemical/Physical Specifications:

Chemical :

Item    Si Fe  TiO2  Al
Standard    12-18%    70-85%  0-8% 0-3%
Typical 15% 79%  3% 1%

Physical :

Special Density: 6.0-7.0 g/cm3.

Non-Magnetics: <2%.

Rush Index: <1.2%.

Available Sizes:

Any other size can be provided by your request.

Packing way :

1 ton/big bag, or 250kg/drum on pallet, or packed as your requirement.

We are supplying our DMS FeSi 15% to South Africa, Australia, Canada, UK, Russia, Mid East, Japan etc for their DMS Process in Diamond, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Copper mines etc. and Metal Recovery.

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Notes: In order to prevent dust emission and air pollution, please ensure the sealing and integrity of the product packaging during transportation and storage; please ensure that the product is used under the condition of equipped with dust-proof articles and installed with dust removal device.