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Glass Beads for Road Marking


Glass Beads for Road Marking can improve visibility of the traffic markings and road signs and supply safer night driving conditions.

There are two Grades: Class A & Class B:

Class A is used to making reflective thermoplastic road marking paint.

Class B is used to be dropped on the freshly stripped paint surface on the road to give immediate enhanced visibility to night drivers.

Chemical & Physical Properties
Size Distribution:

Any other sizes can be available according to your requirements.

Packing way:

25kgs or 50kgs packed in 3 layers bag, or can be packed on request.

Contact us for more information and price :

Notes: In order to prevent dust emission and air pollution, please ensure the sealing and integrity of the product packaging during transportation and storage; please ensure that the product is used under the condition of equipped with dust-proof articles and installed with dust removal device.